Valuable Cross-Border
Legal Support on a Global Basis

GLA’s mission is to provide companies with quality and excellent international legal advice through an integrated network of global offices.

Connecting Global
Top-Ranked Legal Firms

Consisting of dozens renowned top-ranking independent law firms located in diverse countries around the world, GLA has extensive access to international legal expertise, personalized attention and extensive knowledge of local markets.

As an invitation-only alliance, all members of GLA Network are leading offices in their countries and areas of expertise, carefully selected and committed to our values and our international quality and management rules and methodologies.

Core Values

All GLA members share the same core values:









An Invitation-Only Alliance

One of GLA`s key success points is strong cooperation amongst our members with immediate access and close personal contacts.

In addition to participating in Practice Groups every two years, members meet at a Global Meeting to strengthen their relationships, align their actions and learn from each other experiences.

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