Guidelines for Investment in Real Estate

In recent years the world has faced some difficult situations not only in the political, but the economic world. We face a crisis in the EU with the never-ending Brexit discussion over the last two years. Some important political leaders, both inside and outside of the EU, seem to lack the ability to carefully listen to others or take diverse views into account and sacrifice compromise and “win-win” solutions on the altar of egoism. Such attitudes jeopardize not only the political but the economic relationships between countries, and disrupt the balance needed for good relations over the long term.

In these times it is very important to have personal contacts and friends in the world you really can trust, who are familiar with the laws in their area. Our Legalink network, which is grown internationally over the last 25 years, is exactly what is needed these days, because our prominent experts in the network know each other personally from attending at least two meetings a year. At our conferences, therefore, we meet as friends, and not just as lawyers.

In uncertain political times many people look to diversify their investments into safe havens, but still want something more than the interest banks pay on simple monetary investments, which do not even keep pace with the inflation rates in most countries. Therefore, in addition to investments in the stock markets, we see not only in Germany, but in other stable economies throughout the world, substantial investment in real estate, with accompanying increases in prices. Such price increases, however, while seemingly rewarding the investor, make it more necessary than ever before to carefully evaluate the long-term viability of investments in the real estate market, keeping in mind that history shows that if investments are professionally reviewed and professionally executed, then most are ultimately successful.

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